About Us

The high-altitude regions surrounding the iconic Great Rift Valley and the Equator, are endowed with rich volcanic soils and favorable, consistent weather patterns. These regions have since 1903, formed the bedrock for tea farming in Kenya.

Predating current trends, Kenyan tea has always been grown without the use of pesticides or agro-chemicals. Kenyan tea is also exclusively handpicked, an age-old practice that distinguishes it from teas from most other tea producing countries. The harvest of Kenyan tea comprises only the best selection of the tea bush; the top 2 leaves and bud – a long-held Kenyan trademark.

The globally acknowledged exquisite quality, flavor, and aroma that Kenyan teas evoke, derive from the above. 

The world, unfortunately, seldom gets to enjoy the naturally distinctive Kenyan teas in their pure state. Instead, Kenyan teas are used as quality enhancers; they are largely blended with teas from other global regions, to create tea blends that meet certain globally established commercial tea trade standards. The latter is a prevalent practice for most teas in the global tea trade. 

Mara Chai is a Kenyan company established in the year 2013, with a vision to bring to the cups of tea lovers from all over the world, something that they have been missing – authentic, well cured, expertly crafted & flavored Green, Purple, and Black Kenyan teas. All our tea offerings are proprietary blends that we have created in-house. 

The company derives its name from the globally famed Maasai Mara National Reserve – home to an impressive population of majestic wild animal species which we at Mara Chai have christened “Jewels of the Mara”; also home to the Great Migration, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa.

Just as the Maasai Mara effortlessly entices animal lovers year in year out, we believe that tea-drinkers will have an insatiable thirst for Kenyan teas presented in their pure form. And just as the Maasai Mara has for decades naturally given Kenya prominent global recognition, we desire that our purveyance of pure Kenyan teas will.  

We present to you Mara Chai, a new frontier in Kenyan tea.

The Maasai Mara National Reserve

Is a vast savanna located in the South-west part of Kenya. It covers an area of 1510 square kilometers (583 square miles). Open grasslands spotted with scrub bush and the distinctive Acacia trees form its terrain. It is traversed by 3 main rivers and several seasonal rivulets. These savanna grasslands are home to an assortment of majestic wildlife that includes lions & leopards, elephants & giraffes, rhinos & buffalos, hippos & crocodiles, wildebeest & zebras, and over 400 bird species.
The Maasai Mara is renowned for its annual Great Migration – one the world’s most fascinating natural events that sees hordes of hundreds of thousands of wildebeest, zebras, antelopes, and gazelles traverse The Maasai Mara and The Serengeti, in the months of July to October.